View-Master DLX VR wants to be a bestselling Cardboard headset

This could be your first VR accessory
View-Master gets serious with DLX VR
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Just like Google Cardboard, Mattel's View-Master plans are getting serious with the new View-Master DLX VR headset, which launched at the New York Toy Fair this week.


Based on the iconic 75 year-old View-Master design, the DLX VR adds headphone support, better lenses and a focus wheel, and will be the first Cardboard viewer to be sold at Apple stores.


The new DLX VR, which should cost around $40 when it launches this autumn, will have the brand power that all those me-too mobile VR headsets are missing. It will also work with more smartphones than its predecessor as the smartphone mount inside has been redesigned.

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Also new is the focus wheel as well as those improved optics and a redesigned latch so it won't pop open mid-VR experience.


With Samsung planning some Gear VR news at MWC and rumours swirling around that Google is working on its own mid-range VR headset, it looks like a busy year for accessible, mobile VR kit. And the View-Master DLX VR, which looks neat and now has a respectable set of features, could sell big.

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