Thorpe Park teams up with Derren Brown for VR Ghost Train ride

Will the mentalist be able to derail the minds of theme park goers?
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The virtual reality and theme park love-in continues with Thorpe Park the latest to embrace VR headsets for its rides.

Just days after Alton Towers revealed details of its new VR rollercoaster Galactica, Thorpe Park has released the trailer for its new attraction, Derren Brown's Ghost Train.

Using HTC Vive VR headsets, the seven tonne, 20 metre long Victorian train carriage will take passengers on a 10-15 minute long journey featuring "a heady and heart stopping combination of next generation technology, grand illusion, special effects and live action", according to Brown.

With a reported 12 different mind-bending journeys and two possible endings, the smart ride will be suspended mid-air by iron chains inside a 2306 square metre warehouse. If that wasn't enough spectacle, passengers will also only be able to board via a purpose built metal bridge.

"Akin to my shows, I ask that when you board the train, the secrets remain mine and yours to share and fear, and you don't spoil the experience by telling others ahead of their visit", Brown added to potential visitors.

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With the mentalist keeping his cards closely to his chest, it leaves room to speculate why Thorpe Park opted for the HTC Vive over say, a custom Samsung Gear VR which you'll find on Alton Towers' Galactica from April.

The ride's creators have indicated that multiple Vive headsets can be used in the same space and the ride includes live action performances so perhaps the whole set will be kitted out with Valve's Lighthouse basestations.

This ride is set to offer a mixture of old school thrills and cutting edge tech. So, come on - what are you a freight of? Derren Brown's Ghost Train will be opening at Thorpe Park in Chertsey, Surrey on 6 May.



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