The week in VR: All the news in one place

Virtual reality notes from the past seven days
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We remember the days when Palmer Luckey's Hawaiian shirts made the cut for VR news but now there's just too damn much of it. Apps, games, projects, hacks, Kickstarters, accessories.

The problem is that there's now so much VR news it's hard to keep track.

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So welcome to our new regular the week in VR. It does what it says on the tin: one story packed full of VR musts both from Wareable and beyond, delivered every week.

News of the week: Facebook's cam and headset delays

The week in VR: All the news in one place

This week saw the news that some Oculus Rift pre-orders are delayed and anyone who orders a HTC Vive now will have to wait until June for delivery.

Facebook announced a $30,000 360 degree camera called Surround 360 at its annual F8 conference this week, with open source hardware and software, which will help the social media giant avoid the pains of become a hardware company.

A cancer doctor in London livestreamed an operation in full 360 degrees with the help of Mativision who told us what's next in VR medical training.

And here at Wareable we updated the best Google Cardboard apps and the best VR headsets for iPhones. Plus our edit of the 13 hottest wearable tech startups included Ossic for its VR focused headphones. Dat's it.

Hack of the week: Play Oculus games on the HTC Vive

The week in VR: All the news in one place

Specifically first party titles Lucky's Tale and Oculus Dreamdeck via Revive, a totes unofficial compatibility layer for Windows that's available courtesy of developer CrossVR. If you're into this Oculus SDK and OpenVR love-in, the instructions and files are on GitHub.

Via: The Next Web

WTF of the week: A VR selfie stick because internet

The week in VR: All the news in one place

Yesterday at Facebook's F8 conference in SF we heard from Zuck about his plans for how much we're going to share VR and AR ... stuff. But don't think we didn't spot its VR selfie stick demo.

Facebook is working on face capturing technology to create weird hybrid avatar faces that you can doodle on. But it's not stopping there. You can take a "selfie" of your "face" in front of say, Big Ben (in VR) and even fit another four friends kind-of-faces in the snap. Taken in VR.

"Almost as good as actually being there." Brain pain.

Video of the week: Games of Thrones opening titles

Full disclosure, I've only seen Season 1. But people go mad for GoT and the 360 degree version of the opening credits, on Facebook, is no exception.

OK, my bad, this should have been named The week in Facebook. They've been busy, alright, jeez.

Let us know what you've been buying, downloading and hating on in virtual reality this week in the comments below or over on the Wareable Forum.


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