HTC's VR game-changing Vive Trackers are now on sale

You don't have to be a developer to buy them
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We've already told you that HTC's new Vive Trackers are a game changer for the virtual reality platform. Plus, they can be used to track cats while you're in VR. But they've only been available to select developers and China - until now.

Today HTC announced that its fantastic Vive Trackers are available for developer purchase. Don't worry, the Trackers aren't actually restricted to developers in some special, cordoned-off area of the site. You can go right ahead and purchase them at your leisure on Vive's website.

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The Trackers will set you back $99; you'll also be able to attach the 10cm devices on nearly everything you want, literally bringing a whole new dimension to the VR experiences you create or embark on. To celebrate, HTC has released some open source code on GitHub detailing full-body tracking using three Trackers so that developers can jump right in and tinker.

HTC's VR game-changing Vive Trackers are now on sale

But that's not all HTC had to share today. It also debuted an app called MakeVR, which allows regular, ordinary people to create 3D models with no experience. You can use MakeVR's 3D models for anything thanks to its CAD engine, including 3D printing. It's out on Viveport now for $19.99, and there'll also be a Pro version with more precision tools in the future.

HTC's VR game-changing Vive Trackers are now on sale


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