Zepp's Tennis 2 sensor will help raise your game on the court

Game, Zepp and Match - track your strokes and record your rallies
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Zepp has unveiled the Tennis 2 Swing and Match Analyzer, allowing players to receive performance feedback and a breakdown of their strokes.

Like its predecessor, the tennis tracker is able to capture metrics straight from the racquet, including stroke type, spin, ball speed, ball spin and sweet spot accuracy, with the data then sent to a user's smartphone.

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However, the new innovation here is the ability to let users record video of each rally in order to generate a highlight reel. The clips can then be edited and receive special effects before chosen to be shared.

Strokes are also used to provide a series of performance reports within the companion app, allowing a player to see just how many times they have served and performed a forehand, backhand, smash or volley.

Spin type is also accounted for, with improvement suggestions provided alongside insights into top spin, flat and sliced shots. And not only can users see a breakdown of this, but can now also see where contact is made with every ball on the racquet.

Zepp's Tennis 2 sensor will help raise your game on the court

And if you have a competitive streak, the in-app leaderboard allows players to rank their scores using match results and challenge other Zepp users. The company will also pick out the best shared rally videos based on the key metrics.

The Zepp Tennis 2 is available for $99.99, which, while clocking in at the same price point as the original sensor, also helps it sit on the more reasonable end of the tennis tracker spectrum. However, whether this, the addition of video smarts and slightly more advanced tracking metrics will be enough to bring in fresh users to Zepp remains to be seen, but we look forward to trying it out.

Zepp's Tennis 2 sensor will help raise your game on the court


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