Zepp's training tech is heading to baseball bats, golf gloves and tennis rackets

CES 2016: Zepp's swing analysing sensors are making friends
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Zepp Labs has announced that its digital sports training tech, which we've tried and loved in devices like Zepp Golf, is coming to some big sports equipment brands very soon.

It's not naming names just yet, but Zepp will be announcing baseball bat partners later this week during the American Baseball Coaches Association conference in Nashville. Its sensors will still be sold separately, so you can add them to your golf glove or cricket bat, but Zepp Labs is working to make an open source standard so manufacturers can easily make their sports gear connected.

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Zepp's Smart Bat mounting solution sounds dull but it's actually very clever. It means that its data capturing sensors which can give athletes and amateurs insights into their performance, can be built into the bats, racquets and accessories using what it hopes will become an industry standard. After baseball, more partnerships with brands making kit for other sports will follow according to a Zepp rep at CES.

The company has gone from startup to sports giant in just three years with 68 million swings analysed so far but it says collaborations like this are the next natural step.

"We started Zepp with the fundamental belief that it was only a matter of time before every field, stadium, piece of equipment and athlete were digitally connected in some way," said Zepp's CEO Jason Fass who we spoke to earlier this year on answering the question 'So what?'

Watch this space for more announcements. Zepp is offering its hardware, software and data platform to "prominent" sports brands who would be nuts not to jump at the chance.

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