Canal+ brings PIQ into its corner to provide live boxing stats for viewers

Punch type, speed and power are coming to screens in real time
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After bringing insights through its Robot boxing wearable, PIQ is now joining forces with broadcaster Canal+ to bring the same live stats to viewers during fights.

The move marks the first time the technology will be used in broadcasting, with sensors worn by the fighters able to provide information on the speed, power and type of punches being thrown. The latter will be displayed as a G-force metric, while the retraction time will also be provided.

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PIQ is able to provide the data in real time thanks to a nano-computer that records movements and AI that helps break down the picture.

The pair have indicated the stats will be displayed at "key moments" in the fight, with the next airing with PIQ's data taking place on July 1 — as fights between Mickael Diallo v Bernard Donfack and Arsen Goulamirian v Alexander Kubich take place.

Of course, while this is hinted to be dropping inside a fight's big moments, just when this is actually fed through remains to be seen.

After all, with bouts often swinging in the blink of an eye, having stats running along the bottom of the screen or in a corner graphic and potentially distracting viewers is a challenge to overcome.

Still, that's ignoring the fact that bringing this kind of data in real-time is a big step forward, regardless of the how it's initially used. The next step for PIQ will no doubt be bringing more users to its wearable device and continuing to familiarise the community with the tech by providing insights to a host of broadcasters.

Canal+ brings PIQ into its corner to provide live boxing stats for viewers

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