Boxing wearables to help you dominate in the ring and at the gym

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Boxing wearables to look out for
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Pounding the pavement, jumping on a bike or taking a dip in the pool aren't the only ways to take advantage of sports wearables and fitness trackers. In recent years, combat sports such as boxing have become an increasingly popular route for those looking to keep in shape.


And just like dedicated wearables in other sports, boxing is seeing an influx of options for those who want to keep track of their jabs and hooks or even receive feedback on their form in real-time.

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But if you're looking to figure out the finer details, including which devices are best suited for sporadic trips to the gym and which are for more hardened trainers, read on to check out the cream of the boxing wearables crop.


Boxing wearables to help you dominate in the ring and at the gym

Let's kick off round one with Hykso, who offer a pair of trackers — one to fit under each of your hand wraps — that keep tabs on the number of punches you throw, as well as the type and speed.

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Interestingly, Hykso also offers the Intensity Score metric through its companion app, which is central to your use of the trackers. This measures the output exertion of the punching motion, with this beginning at 0 at the start of each round before increasing through measuring velocity, type and how well speed is generated behind the punch. Essentially, this provides fighters with a benchmark to track their effort during a workout.

Hykso has generally operated through gym chains, but those looking to get their mitts on the rackers can now do so. We're putting it through its paces right now, so keep a look out for full review.

$189.95, | Amazon


Moov Now

Boxing wearables to help you dominate in the ring and at the gym

The Moov Now is a Wareable favourite, giving you the option to track and receive coaching in a number of sports and exercises at a high level of consistency

If you want it for its boxing exploits, you'll be getting coaching in real-time, allowing you to learn different combinations and then execute them. From there, you can also review your hardest punches, fastest hits, heart rate and also receive tips on how to improve your form and accuracy for your next go on the bag.

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While there are more targeted boxing wearables vying for attention, Moov's Now is a contender for those who simply want boxing to be part of their fitness regime, and not the whole equation.

And while for other activity you would only need one Moov device to function, it handily packages a pair of the devices specifically for cardio boxing, as shown above.

$109.90, | Amazon

PIQ Robot

Boxing wearables to help you dominate in the ring and at the gym

Following a recent deal to partner up, sports tracking joint PIQ and US-based Everlast have now launched their first wearable dedicated to boxing — the PIQ Robot.

The sensor-packed wearable actually shares its form its tennis tracking sibling, allowing you to get a grasp on punch speed, G-force at impact and retraction time for punches. Since AI tech is also on board for the fight, it means throws are analysed in real-time on the companion app to provide you with feedback on how to punch harder, faster and more efficiently.

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You can even track those shadow boxing sessions in front of the mirror, as well as bag work and sparring sessions. Like Moov's option, this is designed for fitness boxing, as opposed to heavyweight battles inside the ring.

$99, | Amazon


Boxing wearables to help you dominate in the ring and at the gym

StrikeTec has been around for some time in the professional circuit, but is only now opening itself up to a wider audience.


It gives boxers and trainers an insight into hand speed and force, as well keeping an eye on your punch rotation to let you know whether your technique is flowing correctly. This data is all stored through the device's app, which also allows you to tap into specific training sessions, hidden weaknesses and fatigue levels.

This is one of the few options out there that's aiming to appeal to any level of boxer, thanks to its rich app. There's enough feedback here for professionals, but those simply looking to improve and keep track of their jabs are also catered for.

Striketec has recently finished up a successful crowdfunding campaign over on Indiegogo - in which early bird deals saw the tech being offered for $250 - so expect the trackers to hit the market once this initial shipping batch is completed in July.



Boxing wearables to help you dominate in the ring and at the gym

Like other options in this list, Corner provides you with insights through a pair of wireless trackers that fit under your hand wraps.

Once they're strapped in, they'll connect to your iOS or Android device and display every punch, combination and block in real time to build up a picture of your workout as it develops. With the feedback also provided with hands-free control, you're free to explore your workout without taking off gloves.

Corner's device leans towards the trainer-friendly end of this spectrum, but its light price tag and focus on the essentials will no doubt help it appeal to amateurs, too. First orders are expected to drop this October, and you can pre-order now.


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