Xiaomi's Mi Bunny Watch 3 is here to keep kids safe through 4G and GPS

The smartwatch all-rounder tracks activity, location and lets users make calls
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Xiaomi has announced a new smartwatch for kids that aims to keep the wearer safe through 4G connectivity and GPS tracking.

The Chinese company revealed that the Mi Bunny Watch 3, which follows on from the Mi Bunny Phone Watch 2C released earlier this year, will feature a 1.41-inch display with a resolution of 320 x 360 pixels. That unit slots inside a 140-220mm rubber strap that comes in pink or blue, with the entire package weighing around 50 grams.

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In terms of features, this is a kids smartwatch that packs it in. The Wi-Fi and 4G network support means kids can make phone calls from the wrist, while the wearable also has GPS/A-GPS built in for parents to know their child's whereabouts in real-time.

A 2 megapixel camera is on board, too, which apparently can identify plants and teach kids about nature once hooked up to the accompanying smartphone app. Naturally, kids can capture non-plant photos or HD videos as well, all while racking up activity data, too.

Xiaomi didn't specifically note what activity would be tracked, but we imagine the usual suspects are available - steps and calories burned, being the obvious two. An alarm, riddles and games are also found within the smartwatch, and, as you might suspect, tells the time.

But for how long can it realistically provide all this fun? Well, according to Xiaomi, you'll be getting 30 hours with the Bunny Watch. And although that's not overly impressive, you can get 11 hours with just a 10-minute charge.

As is always the case when it comes to Xiaomi and wearables, the price is also a huge factor to be aware of here. Kids smartwatches generally aren't as expensive as their full-fledged counterparts, and the Bunny Watch 3 follows this trend - it's on sale in its native China now for 599 yuan, which translates roughly to .

However, unfortunately, we don't yet have any hints towards international release - stay tuned as we await more details.

Xiaomi's Mi Bunny Watch 3 is here to keep kids safe through 4G and GPS

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