Wear OS update brings faster Google Pay, bug fixes and design improvements

But the update will initially only hit Android users
Paying through Wear OS just got easier
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Google has announced an update to Wear OS, with smartwatches running on the software set to see improvements to Google Pay, design and fixes for bugs.

The move comes as the company launches a new beta for Android P, with the most notable change appearing to come through the contactless payment system. As Google itself puts it in the app description, 'quick-starting Google Pay' is now an option for users, though it doesn't go into elaborate detail on what exactly has changed.

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If we're guessing - and it is fairly self-explanatory, let's be honest - we imagine that the tech has improved to allow an instant launch of the payment system. And that'd be a welcome addition, since paying through the likes of the Apple Watch has so far proven to be a much more seamless experience.

But, as we say, improvements to Pay aren't the only thing included in the update, which hit the Google Play Store on 25 July. A fix has also come to a time zone bug, while the design tweaks we saw come to the menus earlier this year have also been enhanced. Google says its UI is now 'more glanceable', though we suspect the upgrade is only very minor in this department.

Unfortunately, we're yet to see users of Wear OS on iOS catered for, though we suspect the same changes will begin rolling out over the coming weeks. Until then, though, Android users can update their Wear OS app and begin enjoying all the new tweaks.

Wear OS update brings faster Google Pay, bug fixes and design improvements