​Tag Heuer smartwatch tech will be upgradable

Baselworld 2015: Tag's smartwatch could solve the problem of obsolescence
​Tag smartwatch's tech will be upgradable

Details are still scarce around the Tag Heuer smartwatch and its partnership with Google and Intel, but it seems that the tech elements will be upgradable.

One of the criticisms of the Apple Watch has been its lack of value for future generations, as the tech ages and becomes obsolete, but it seems Tag could be planning a more modular approach for its smartwatch.

Speaking to UK communications manager Alexandra King, she revealed that a key focus for Tag Heuer would be the lifespan of the product.

"The watch will change the technology as it develops, Jean-Claude Biver was clear about that. We want to be able to change the technology but keep the watch elements."

A key part of Tag's appeal is to invest in a watch that can be handed down for generations, and it seems the company isn't willing to compromise on that as it moves into smartwatches.

"If your child completed their Masters degree, you might want to give them a watch. We want to create something that will stay on your watch for a lifetime, that's what Tag Heuer does. And as the technology changes, it will change," she said.

It also seems that social media will play a big part of Tag Heuer's smartwatch experience.

"If you look at our universe, the brand ambassadors that have been chosen possess big social media audiences. Cristiano Ronaldo has over 10m followers, and it's a way we can touch a more youthful audience," King said.

It seems unsurprising that the Tag Heuer will aim its watch at a younger audience, who are more in tune with their digital lives. And hopefully, this could mean a more attainable price tag to boot.

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