Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition 2020 could be another hole-in-one

New features, new internals – same brilliant golf app
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Tag Heuer has updated its Golf Edition smartwatch to match up with its latest smartwatch the Connected 2020.

We were big fans of the last Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition, and we’re so glad it’s been given a makeover with the company’s latest tech.

The golfing experience will certainly benefit from the Snapdragon 3100 chip, backed up with 8GB of storage and 1GB RAM found on the latest edition. We found the last version to be a little laggy when our on the course, so a nice injection of RAM could sort that out.

Just like its predecessor you get a sporty strap, with 1-18 etched on the bezel – like a chronograph for golf. This matches up with the on-screen experience, and the app points to these physical numbers to denote which hole you’re currently playing.

But it wasn’t the premium build that really wowed us last time out – it’s the software. Tag Heuer’s Golf app is the best we’ve used, with incredibly detailed mapping and hazards making for an excellent experience. And it has this mapping for 40,000 golf courses worldwide.

Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition 2020 could be another hole-in-one

You get distances to the front, back and middle of the green as well as hazards and layups, scoring and stats.

So it’s pleasing to see that Tag has added new features.

Driving Zone enables users identify the best position on a given hole for their drive based on previous rounds.

But don’t forget, the Tag Golf app isn’t just available on its own watches. You can get it for Wear OS and Apple Watch too – and we heartily recommend that.

But if you want to buy the new Tag Heuer Connected Golf Edition, it will certainly cause a stir at your local golf club. It's set to cost mark and is on sale at Tag Heuer's official website.

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