Sky Mobile launches Spacetalk smartwatch just for the kids

Kids watch offers a carefully limited feature-set to keep track of your sprogs
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Sky Mobile has decided to get into the wearable game by launching a smartwatch designed for kids aged 5-12.

The Spacetalk watch comes packing a 1.3-inch touchscreen display and contains a SIM card of its own, allowing it to make and receive calls and texts from pre-approved contacts lists.

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It also functions as a GPS tracker and of course has those standard timekeeping features. It has a stated battery life of 24 hours, which means it's going to need a charge every night if your little one wants to wear it on their wrist the next day.

It looks like Sky have plumped for fairly typical looks in terms of design for the Spacetalk, with a choice of grey, pink or teal silicon band, which don't look like they can be swapped out. The watch is splash-proof but not swim-proof, which means this isn't one you can take into the pool unfortunately. The profile isn't exactly slim, but for kids' watches the onus on style and subtlety isn't quite as pressing.

Sky Mobile launches Spacetalk smartwatch just for the kids

There's no camera on board, it doesn't allow any form of additional app installation and has no social media linking to speak of. That should all be reassuring for parents looking to control their kids' access to the internet. This is very much a training wheels-style smartwatch.

As Sophia Ahmad, Director of Sky Mobile puts it: “With the new school term on the horizon, we wanted to reassure parents by launching a device which will help them keep an eye on their little ones, whether they are doing after-school activities or travelling to and from school alone."

The GPS tracking offers some more advanced features, though, including an immediate location update for parents, notifications when the child enters or leaves set 'safe zones', and a 'school mode' that will allow parents to turn off any of the watch's functions to avoid disruption. This tracking syncs with monitoring app AllMyTribe, which handles all of the parental controls for the watch.

The Spacetalk is available now from Sky Mobile starting from £10 a month including data, calls and texts if you want in on this kids wearable.

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