Reserve Strap boosts your Apple Watch battery by 30 hours

Shipping in November, the extra power doesn't come cheap
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Reserve Strap, a power-packing accessory for your Apple Watch is shipping in November and promises to extend your smartwatch battery life by 30 hours - yay!

It costs a staggering $249 - nay!

Cost quibbles aside (seriously though, you may as well buy a second Apple Watch) and the Reserve Strap, designed to meet Apple's Band Design Guidelines, will fit on both model sizes, using the not-so-secret-anymore diagnostic port.

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It charges using Micro USB (taking just over an hour for a full charge) and when you charge it, it also charges the Apple Watch at the same time. The extra 30 hours should mean users easily get two days full usage from the fruity wearable.

If you're the type of person who plays it safe and sticks to the rules, you'll be pleased to know that sticking the Reserve Strap on your Watch doesn't violate either AppleCare warranty or Apple Terms & Conditions.

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Getting technical and the strap is made from a specialised thermoset elastomer silicone and the official battery boost is quoted at 167%. There's an LED indicator on board to show you how much juice it's still got packing.

The Reserve Strap ships on 3 November and costs $249.99. $249.99! For a watch strap. World's gone mad.

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