Meet the Nokia Moonraker smarwatch that never launched

Pictures, specs and app details emerge about the abandoned watch
Meet Nokia's cancelled Moonraker smartwatch
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It's the cancelled smartwatch that just won't go away. The Nokia Moonraker (yes, a James Bond themed codename) was apparently in the works back around 2013 and 2014. This was around the same time that Microsoft acquired the Finnish company's mobile business.

But it never launched and Microsoft focused its attentions on the fitness-focused Band, which was canned after two iterations. The smartwatch that never was, though, has once again surfaced, this time with details of its specs, along with a closer look at the design of Microsoft's answer to the Apple Watch.

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Protobetatest has managed to get hold of a prototype of the rectangular smartwatch showing off a 240 x 190 resolution LCD touchscreen display and removable straps. It also shows off the solitary physical button that sits below the display to turn the screen on and off.

As far as specs, the prototype Moonraker is powered by an ARM-based processor running a custom OS clearly inspired by Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. It also packs an ambient light sensor, accelerometer and a 305mAh battery, along with standard Bluetooth and NFC connectivity.

From a software point of view, things are clearly inspired by Microsoft's tile-centric Metro UI with smartwatch features like notifications for emails, messages and calls supported. It also displays basic activity tracking, while the companion app included 12 default wallpapers and supported the ability to download apps from a Marketplace store.

A lot of the features unsurprisingly were not fully functioning, but it's our strongest insight yet into what Microsoft had planned. Would it have fared better than the Microsoft Band? Should Microsoft have launched a smartwatch instead of a fitness tracker? These are questions we will probably never know the answers to.

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