The bold Movado Connect is a daring Android Wear watch

Baselworld 2017: Movado's flagship smartwatch is far from ordinary
First look: Movado Connect

The Movado Connect is the flagship device, amid a trio of smartwatches from the watchmaking giant. The fifth largest watch brand in the world, Movado toyed with smartwatches last year with HP and is back at Baselworld 2017 with a fully-fledged Android Wear 2.0 collection, taking its ambitions to the next level.

Chief among these is the Movado Connect, a bold smartwatch effort that looks pretty unique among the tech'd up, traditional looking watches from the likes of Fossil – and even Movado's own stablemates, the Hugo Boss and Tommy Hilfiger.

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Unlike most smartwatches, which proudly make their bezel a feature of the design, the Movado uses edge-to-edge glass. It looks less traditional, and shares more of a design ethic with the Apple Watch and even Misfit Phase than you'd expect from a watchmaker.

The bold Movado Connect is a daring Android Wear watch

The Movado Connect comes with multiple design and strap options, and some deliver the style better than others. The gold-lugged and gunmetal Movados look excellent, while the standard black stainless steel with the black rubber strap look a tad techy.

On one hand it's reassuringly luxurious, but at some angles it can give off the 'computer on the wrist' impression. However we only tried it running a limited Android Wear preview, so perhaps the collection of customisable watch faces will save the day.

We've no details on the display chops, but things certainly didn't disappoint in our short time with it. Colours were vibrant, blacks were very black and the visuals were crisp. There's no reason to complain in that department.

The bold Movado Connect is a daring Android Wear watch

The Movado sports a single button at 3 o'clock, which summons the apps menu and sends you back to the home screen, but all in all it's a pretty vanilla Android Wear 2.0 experience.

But it doesn't scrimp on tech. NFC has been built-in for Android Pay, something Movado was at great pains to boast about. But the company has shirked any notion of fitness features, forgoing a heart rate monitor, GPS and waterproofing. For some that's a deal breaker, but we're glad to see that needless heft has been avoided.

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Where the Movado brand comes into its own is via the watch faces, and the company has gone to town with the iconic dot, which dominates the Movado logo. One watch face uses the circle at 12 o'clock, which changes colour – from dawn to dusk – to show a visual representation of the time of day.

The bold Movado Connect is a daring Android Wear watch

What the Movado represents is something different. Decent materials and a bold design that certainly won't please everyone. Those looking to ape a traditional wrist watch can look elsewhere – but for those who want to shout loud about their smartwatch, but don't want to scrimp on design, should give the Movado Connect pause for thought.

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