Huawei's next smartwatch could be called the Huawei Watch X

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Huawei is taking its time with its third-generation smartwatch. The Huawei Watch 2 is selling well, so the company doesn't feel any pressure to launch the next one, which, until now, we assumed would be called the Huawei Watch 3.

However, according to a new trademark filed at the European Union Intellectual Property Office, it might actually be called the Huawei Watch X. The listing, which was spotted by 91Mobiles, is in reference to "electronic devices comprised primarily of a wristwatch and also featuring a telephone".

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Back in July we saw Huawei file a trademark for three devices named the Voyage, Anchor and Unlimited. Those trademarks weren't in reference to any specific device, while this new Watch X moniker is clearly in reference to a smartwatch. It's very possible this will be the name.

We don't know much more about what the Huawei Watch X could bring in terms of features. It's likely it'll come sporting eSIM technology, like the Huawei Watch 2 Pro and Huawei Watch 2 2018. There have been patents for a new design with built-in wireless headphones, but it's difficult to tell how realistic or close that is to be ready.

Huawei has been swinging for the fences lately, especially with its flagship P20 Pro smartphone, and it's possible that it brings that same attitude to its new flagship smartwatch. Huawei tends to also pack as many features as it can into devices, so we can expect that as well.

As for when we could see this Watch X, we can only go on Huawei's promise of "later" this year. IFA 2018 is over with, Apple and Samsung have both debuted their 2018 flagship smartwatches and Google isn't joining the fray with a Pixel Watch this year. Huawei has time up its sleeve.

Huawei's next smartwatch could be called the Huawei Watch X

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