Huawei Watch GT 2 acts more like a smartwatch than the first Watch GT

New sports modes and big battery life also highlight features
Huawei Watch GT 2 officially unveiled
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After all of the leaks, Huawei has officially unveiled the Watch GT 2, a successor to its Watch GT, a sporty smartwatch that launched in 2018.

Unveiled at its event in Munich, The new GT comes in 46mm and 42mm size options, with both featuring a new full round "3D glass design" that Huawei claims allows for a wider look and feel.

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The 46mm model features a 1.39-inch screen, while the smaller model has a 1.2-inch equivalent. Those are both AMOLED displays, and 454 x 454 and 390 x 390 in resolution respectively.

There were a whole host of leaks ahead of Huawei's event, but the facts are now confirmed - the watches will run off its new Kirin A1 chip.

Two models, AMOLED displays

Huawei's Watch GT 2 will now act more like a smartwatch

That smaller size is a new addition to the GT watch lineup, and welcome for those with smaller wrists. It'll also have 20mm straps compared to the larger model's 22mm bands.

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The differences between the models aren't purely on size, though - the smaller model is quite distinct. It's got a really small bezel, and a narrower profile overall. The bigger size is much chunkier with bigger accents and a more metallic look.

Previous leaks confirmed that there are a range of watch face options for the GT 2, including some really attractive gray-scale options to give you a monochrome look, and with a range of colored bands available you'll have a decent amount of control over the look of your timepiece.


Going big on battery life again

Huawei Watch GT 2 will now act more like a smartwatch

Huawei's got a lot to say about the GT 2's battery life, and no wonder - from the sounds of it, it's hugely impressive. Huawei says you'll get up to two weeks of life from the larger version watch, with heart rate monitoring and notifications on and normal use.

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It says the smaller version will offer one week in the same circumstances, indicating that the bigger body is allowing Huawei to sneak a significantly bigger battery in. You'll also get a very respectable 30 hours of GPS tracking in the larger model, and 15 hours for the smaller watch.

The original Huawei Watch GT offered up to two weeks with normal use, a complete day of GPS tracking and up to a month with features like always-on display and GPS turned off. Getting a bigger battery life performance seemed to be part of the reason Huawei decided to not use Google's Wear OS for the Watch GT.

Better sports tracking and Bluetooth calling

Huawei Watch GT 2 will now act more like a smartwatch

Huawei has also shone a spotlight on the attention it's paid to sports tracking for the GT 2. The watch can store 500 mp3 files on its 2GB of storage, apparently, to let you untether from your phone, and will be able to take Bluetooth calls up to 150 meters from your handset, according to its makers.

That's because of a speaker and microphone combo that the Huawei has added to the watch - which we'll be very curious to test out for call quality.

It doesn't sound like the GT 2 is coming in an LTE or cellular version at first, so you won't be streaming audio from your wrist, though.

There's 15 sports tracking modes covering running, various walking and hiking options, swimming in pools or open water, and more. The GT 2 will apparently be able to supply you with advice based on your performance, muscling in on any companion apps you may be using for guidance.

The watch is waterproofed up to 50 meters, like its predecessor, and also packs in a heart rate monitor with a familiar sensor array that will now have serious health tracking abilities to help monitor bradycardia and heart failure. That HR sensor will apparently dish out metrics when you're swimming too. Though how accurate that will be is clearly going to be up for debate.

You'll also get 24/7 activity tracking including sleep monitoring and stress tracking features also in tow.

Huawei Watch GT 2 acts more like a smartwatch than the first Watch GT

There were of course, big question marks over what software Huawei's new smartwatch would run on having recently unveiled its new HarmonyOS would run on smartwatches. The first watch used the company's own Lite OS and it looks like the same here again.

The Watch GT is set to cost around £220 for the 46mm model and around £200, so still reasonably priced like its predecessor. It will be available from October and we'll be getting our hands on the Watch GT 2 very soon to see what Huawei has come up with its latest smartwatch.