​Huawei Watch Fit Elegant lands with SpO2 update

Stainless steel Watch Fit isn't such an ugly duckling
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Huawei has launched a new version of its Watch Fit sporty smartwatch, an Elegant edition with premium materials and some all-new health features.

We've always maintained that the Huawei Watch Fit was one of the weirdest looking wearables on the market – but we have to say the new stainless steel has caught our eye. The Huawei Watch Fit Elegant brings a new stainless steel case, that comes in silver and gold options, with white and black fluoroelastomer strap options.

The Watch Fit is the company’s fitness tracker and smartwatch hybrid, with a tall 1.64 inch, 456 x 280 AMOLED screen. It’s certainly unique looking, and aimed at those looking for a device to workout at home.

And it’s no slouch as a smartwatch. It boasts 10 day battery life, 96 workout modes, 12 guided personal training courses and 13 running training modes tracked by GPS.

But it’s not just the addition of a new finish that’s coming to the Huawei Watch Fit range.

​Huawei Watch Fit Elegant lands with SpO2 update

The company has added the ability for the watch to monitor SpO2 24/7. This would mean it would alert you to any dips in blood oxygen and you can check in with changes.

This feature is coming to the older Watch Fit Active as well as the new Elegant.

It’s actually one of the few devices out there to report SpO2 in real time. Many brands limit SpO2 monitoring to during sleep, when it can be used to inform users about sleep apnea as well as providing insights into health.

We had criticized Huawei for only using SpO2 for spot checks in our reviews of the Watch Fit and Watch GT. This is more useful, but we will be keen to test how the company maps this SpO2 tracking to sleep and how alerts and data of SpO2 at night are presented. However, this is a big step forward for Huawei as a health device.

As ever with Huawei, it will reach the US eventually but we don’t have USD launch pricing due to the on-going trade disputes.

In the UK the Huawei Watch Fit Elegant’s will cost £109 (around $150). The original Watch Fit has an MSRP of £119, but currently retails around £70.

For context, the Huawei Watch Fit is available for $109 on Amazon US – so we’d expect the Elegant to be available around $129.

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