Frederique Constant launches new smartwatches - including ones for women

Freddy brings notifications to the Smartwatch 2.0
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As it promised us it would earlier this year, Frederique Constant has launched the first female version of its Horological Smartwatch, alongside the next iteration of its original men's watch. Although not mentioned in any of the press releases, the website store says both are named 'Notify', so that's what we're going to call them.

In fact, there are five variants of the men's and women's models, but we'll start with the ladies' model which comes in a 34mm case and, like the original, offers a two-year battery life. Also like the first the watch it keeps an eye on your activity, tracking your daily steps, distance and calories burned. It will tell you if you've been idle for too long, nudging you to get up and get those legs moving, and also offers tips on improving your activity and sleep goals - a slight departure from your more basic step-tracking wearables.

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It also tracks your sleep, although you'll see all the information in the app; only the time and data are visible on the analogue screen at all times, and these will work in sync with your phone - if you move across time zones, it'll change automatically.

But unlike the first Smartwatch, you'll now get some notifications on the wrist. The 2, 4, 8 and 10 o'clock position each represent calls, sleep, activity and messages respectively (there are tiny icons to jog your memory), and pushing the crown will cause the hands to move, giving you an update on your stats by pointing to numbers on the clock face. It's not clear whether the hands will move to denote incoming calls and texts when you get them (we presume so), but there will also be a gentle vibration.

Then comes the price, and following from the first Horological watch we knew this wouldn't be easy on the wallet. Prices start at $750 and move up to $1,295, with the rose-gold-and-diamond model topping off the high end. They'll be available staring mid-November, and we'll let you know the US prices as soon as we have them.

Gents watches too

Frederique Constant launches new smartwatches - including ones for women

Frederique Constant is also using the opportunity to launch some new mens watches - again, there are five new models. You'll notice the sub-dial, featured on the face of the first watch, has also gone. That's because, like the female watches, information on your activity is communicated by the main hands.

The new watches come in a 42mm case and boast all the same features mentioned in the ladies' versions, including the expensive price tag: $795 upwards to $995 for a rose gold plated edition.

Frederique Constant launches new smartwatches - including ones for women

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