​Facebook files bonkers patent for detachable smartwatch

Point and shoot smartwatch camera could be on the cards
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The Meta smartwatch (the new name for Facebook duh) is still slated for a release in 2022, and the company has filed a patent that shows some quite innovative features.

We have previously reported rumors that the Meta smartwatch could feature dual cameras, and even a detachable lens for shooting pictures on the go. This new patent shows that Facebook is seriously considering the option.

The patent, which was filed in June 2021, shows a detachable screen that can be refitted into a base that remains on the wrist.

The abstract reveals that the idea would be for the detachable element to offer an additional camera, or even an extra screen.

​Facebook files bonkers patent for detachable smartwatch

The patent shows both square and round smartwatch designs – although the rumors from Mark Gurman at Bloomberg showed a square design not unlike the Fitbit Versa.

Patents land all the time with features that don’t make it to actual devices – just take a look at our Apple Watch patents roundup for evidence of that.

It’s clear from past rumors and these patents that Facebook has been cooking up some pretty unique ideas for its smartwatch – but whether any of those make it to version 1.0 of the Meta Watch is anyone’s guess.

However, it feels inevitable that the Facebook smartwatch will have a camera as a central feature – as the device makes little sense if it doesn’t fit into Facebook’s vision of communication, social and (horrifically) the ‘Metaverse.’

Watch this space as we get closer to a potential launch.

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