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Best Google Pixel Watch 2 charging stands: Top docks to place your smartwatch on

Need a place to dock your Google smartwatch? Look no further
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The Google Pixel Watch 2 may hold its battery better than the original, but you'll still want a neat dock for moments when it's time to recharge.

Luckily, there are now tons of top-quality and stylish Pixel Watch charging stations - even if Google has yet to launch an updated version of the Pixel Stand to include support for its smartwatch.

Below, we've compiled a list of some of the best charging docks available for the Pixel Watch 2. Some will simply prop up your watch, while others seek to include wireless earbuds and your phone. 

So, whether you want a dock for your desk or bedside table, we're sure you'll find what you need in this list.

Bespoke Pixel Stand Combo

Wareableall in one pixel watch 2 charging dock

$132 | Buy on Etsy

For those who already have Google's Pixel Stand for its smartphone - either the Gen 1 or Gen 2 model - you can pick up this very fancy all-in-one stand and also tag in your Pixel Watch 2 and wireless earbuds.

This one isn't compatible with the original Pixel Watch, and it won't include a charger for the smartwatch, but the wireless charging section for earbuds is built in.

The attention to detail and build quality are what sets this handmade option apart, from the sandblasted finish to the rubber pads on the underside.

It's expensive, but one of the few premium Pixel Watch 2 charging stands around.

3D printed Pixel Watch 2 stand

Wareablecheap pixel watch 2 charging dock

$19.99 | Buy on Etsy

If you're after an affordable and simple charging stand for the Pixel Watch, this 3D-printed option is certainly one to consider. 

It's a little rough around the edges, which is to be expected from the 3D printing process, and something the overall design makes up for. There's an option to screw it into the wall and mount it, while a recess at the rear of the stand can also help keep wires out of sight.

Like with other options, this particular model doesn't fit the original Pixel Watch, but you can find that from the same Etsy vendor.

Minimalist Pixel Watch 2 stand

Wareable3d printed pixel watch 2 charging dock

$21.50 | Buy on Etsy

Another very low-key, 3D-printed option here on Etsy - this time one that comes in a range of colors to match to the Pixel Watch 2's core bands.

There really is no frills with this Pixel Watch 2 charging dock, but its unobtrusive size means it's the ideal choice for placing on an office desk, say.

You can also place it with the crown facing up or down, and the lock-on with the charger makes it a very easy one to use.

Modern Pixel Watch 2 stand

Wareablemodern pixel watch 2 charging dock

$23.20 | Buy on Etsy

If you're after a bit of a different style for your Pixel Watch 2 charging stand, we recommend this sleek, modern option on Etsy. 

It's another very simple one, but, with a total of eight colors to pick between - including a really smart marble-pattern design - there's something to fit every type of user, we think.

You also get the choice of orientation, meaning you can have the watch crown on the left or right-hand side.

Just remember to take note of the fact the original Pixel Watch doesn't fit.

Budget Pixel Watch 2 stand

Wareablebudget pixel watch 2 charging dock

$12 | Buy on Amazon

There are plenty of reasons why you might want an affordable Pixel Watch 2 charging stand over a more expensive one, which is where this one can plug a gap.

There's nothing premium about this one, but we do like the fact it's got a non-slip underside and always matches up neatly with the not-included Pixel Watch 2 charger.

Given that compatibility with any dock isn't guaranteed to carry over to a future Pixel Watch, this is a sensible one to consider for most people. 

USB Pixel Watch 2 charger

Wareableusb pixel watch 2 charging dock

$10 | Buy from Amazon

We'll sneak this one in here, even though it's not technically a docking station. 

It's an ingenious solution for those trying to save some space, with this neat little charger foregoing the typical charging cable and allowing you to charge the Pixel Watch 2 on the side of your laptop.

We wouldn't necessarily say the quality is top-tier, but it is a great little gadget to take on the road instead of always having to stash the wire in a bag. And, even better, you get two in a pack.

Interestingly, it can also be used to charge the Fitbit Sense or Versa 3, but not the original Pixel Watch.

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