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  2. Top affordable Pixel Watch band
  3. Best leather Pixel Watch band
  4. Best metal Pixel Watch band
  5. Most comfortable Pixel Watch band
  6. Best Pixel Watch band for the outdoors
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Best Google Pixel Watch bands: Our top recommendations for mixing up your look

We detail the Pixel Watch straps we actually wear
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The Google Pixel Watch 2 may be one of the most unisex smartwatches around, but the default band doesn't necessarily ooze personality. For that, you'll have to pick up an additional interchangeable strap.

Having a few Pixel Watch bands in your collection is essential if you want to get the most out of the device; it can turn it from a worthy exercise tracker to an office-friendly wristwatch with just a quick swap of the bands.

With more and more Pixel Watch bands touted around, though, it can be pretty difficult to know which you can rely on. With this guide, you'll find the top leather, nylon, and metal Pixel Watch straps - and, hopefully, find the perfect fit for your wrist.

Top tip: Bands that fit the original Google Pixel Watch should also fit the Pixel Watch 2, given that Google hasn't changed the design of the band-changing mechanism, but the odd exception does exist with third-party manufacturers.

Best overall Pixel Watch band

Wareablewoven pixel watch band

Woven Band by Google

$59.99 / £59 | Available from Google

If you just want to buy one replacement for the default Pixel Watch band, the official Woven Band from Google is our top recommendation.

Not only is it sweat and water-resistant, making it suitable for exercise (even in the open water), but there are also five color options that match really well with each case color. 

In our experience, the recycled yarn that makes up the Woven Band doesn't age anywhere near as badly as other options, either.

We've noticed some signs of wear on the connector, and it doesn't feel quite as snug as it did right out of the box, but, still, it's the perfect balance between sturdy and comfortable - and it can blend easily in both formal and casual wear.

Top affordable Pixel Watch band

Wareablecheap pixel watch band

Spigen Lite Fit for Pixel Watch

$19.99 / £19.99 | Available from Amazon

We've always had a good experience with Spigen accessories when testing them out on devices like the Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Watch, and the company's Lite Fit for the Pixel Watch continues that trend. 

It really is nothing special to look at, but we think it's by far the best cheap Pixel Watch band out there. The nylon is versatile and comfortable - even if it's not top-tier in this regard - and the stainless steel connectors ensure it feels well made.

It matches best with the black Pixel Watch case, though, so keep that in mind if you have the gold or silver version of either generation.

Best leather Pixel Watch band

Wareablebest leather pixel watch band

Vanjua Leather Band for Pixel Watch

$9.99 / £9.99 | Available from Amazon

Google has its own array of leather bands - including a pretty nice two-tone option - but we think this very affordable option from Vanjua is relatively comparable. 

It doesn't feel quite as plush, naturally, but it is available in a range of colors - brown, black, grey, and pink, which are also joined by a couple of patterned flower designs. 

The only downside with Vanjua's leather band is the silver connectors. They look fine if you have the stainless steel version of either Pixel Watch, but not so much if you have a gold or black case.

Best metal Pixel Watch band

Wareablebest metal band pixel watch

Metal Slim Band by Google

$179.99 / £189.99 | Available from Google

There are virtually endless amounts of metal bands available for the Pixel Watch, but none quite elevate the smartwatch in the same way as Google's own Metal Slim Band. 

This one isn't very masculine, obviously, but it does nail a few key things we look for in a metal band (that's often lacking): comfort, good build quality, and the ability to perfectly match the case color.

If it doesn't have all three, it's harder to reach for on those formal occasions. Pair your Pixel Watch with this one, though, and we think you've achieved pretty much the peak smartwatch aesthetic.

The only downside here is the price, which, admittedly, is very lofty compared to the typical cheap alternatives.

Most comfortable Pixel Watch band

Wareablecomfortable pixel watch band

Stretch Band by Google

$49.99 / £59.99 | Available from Google

If you want to sacrifice a bit of function and crave the equivalent of a hair scrunchie on your wrist, Google's own Stretch Band is the perfect Pixel Watch band for you. 

It absolutely does not age as well as other options on this list - after around a year it will live up to its name and become pretty loose -  but there's not a more comfortable band available. 

We wouldn't necessarily recommend it for exercise (particularly once it does get a bit too loose to track heart rate properly), but it's a superb choice for anybody, for example, who wants a more comfortable device to wear during sleep tracking. 

Best Pixel Watch band for the outdoors

Wareableoutdoor pixel watch band

Supcase Unicorn Pro Series for Pixel Watch

$21.95 / £19.99 | Available from Amazon

Spigen had a rugged band/case that we tested out for the Pixel Watch 1, but, unfortunately, it's one of the few we've come across that isn't compatible with the Pixel Watch 2.

Enter, instead, this affordable offering from Supcase. 

This does make your Pixel Watch look like something out of Robot Wars, but it's also exactly the kind of band we want when traversing the outdoors. This one laughs in the face of bumps and scratches - and also style.

Given the Pixel Watch isn't exactly the most rugged of designs to begin with (we've got plenty of wear and tear marks to attest), however, this is the perfect pickup for someone who wants to preserve their smartwatch.

Best Pixel Watch band for workouts

Wareableactive sport band pixel watch

Active Sport Band by Google

$49.99 / £49.99 | Available from Google

Surprisingly, there aren't actually many affordable sporty bands yet available for the Pixel Watch 2, which makes this official option our go-to for workouts. 

It offers the same benefits as the default silicon Pixel Watch band - it's light, comfortable, and inoffensive to look at - but those perforations make it much nicer on your skin. 

Personally, we find the lack of breathability of silicon bands rough on our skin after a couple of weeks of wear - or one too many workouts - and the constant cleaning is either futile or choresome. 

The Active Sport Band solves this. You don't have to faff about cleaning it as regularly and still get something that's great for taking for dips in the pool or running with.

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