#Trending: Designer analogue smartwatches are cheaper than ever

Fancy watch prices are slowly dipping
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Fancy analogue watches are expensive. Smartwatches, for the most part, have been priced around $350 and under. Then there are the designer analogue smartwatches that fall between the two, and where it seems like the cost is going down, meaning those who want smarts in watch-like timepieces are in luck.

With Fossil Group and others launching more of these types of wearables, there will be plenty of designer names to choose from. In fact, the Emporio Armani Connected is the latest one to join the ranks, with prices going up to but also starts at .

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That's pretty reasonable considering the Apple Watch Series 2 is for the 38mm version, and jumps up to for the 42m one.

But if you're aiming for even higher quality wearables like the smart Swiss watches, there's no chance of picking one up under a grand. Here's our rundown of who's doing it right, and who's not.

WEAR - Fossil & Withings

#Trending: Designer analogue smartwatches are cheaper than ever

As mentioned, Fossil is dominating the analogue catalogue. They've also got a bunch of other designer names onboard. The smartwatches look nice, pack enough smart tech and aren't overly expensive. With options ranging between for the Misfit Phase going up to for the Skagen Hagen Connected it feels like there's something for everyone. Withings and its Steel HR isn't as high end as the Fossil crew, but remains an eye catching and affordable analogue smartwatche at for the 36mm model and for the larger 40mm watch case version.

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#Trending: Designer analogue smartwatches are cheaper than ever

Just like Fossil, Movado is piling on the designer names as well with ranges from the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Coach, Lacoste, Juicy Couture and Scuderia Ferrari. The first has come courtesy of the Hugo Boss Smart Classic range. There are no US prices just yet but it isn't a complete wallet buster at £299. We also noted in our review that it costs the same as a traditional Hugo Boss Chronograph, so you won't be paying extra for the smarter version.

HP is powering the tech, so expect most to follow the same design blueprint as the HP Titan Juxt and the Movado Bold Motion watches where the latter isn't as affordable at $695.

SQUARE - Swiss analogue smartwatches

#Trending: Designer analogue smartwatches are cheaper than ever

It's no surprise that the Swiss watch brands such as Tag Heuer, Mondaine, Alpina and Frederique Constant remain in the square section. There's no way these classic names will lower their prices. You're looking at $800 and up (and up) for gold, silver and platinum with diamond, leather and extensive complications. With these timepieces, it's clear no costs were cut for design, leaving these wearables for execs or people who don't mind spending a fair chunk of cash.

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