Samsung could be set to join the Windows Mixed Reality headset party

Built-in AKG headphones and controllers shown off in renders
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Samsung could be preparing to show off its first Windows-based Mixed Reality headset based on some pretty authentic-looking renders that have surfaced, which appear to show off the new piece of hardware.

The pics come courtesy of Twitter user WalkingCat who has a reputation of leaking details about Microsoft-related announcements in the past. A closer look shows off the Samsung name on the headband and the words Windows Mixed Reality down on the side of the headset.

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Along with some pretty interesting looking controllers is the appearance of headphones built into the headset. We haven't seen this kind of integrated audio approach from Windows Mixed Reality headsets that have already been announced from the likes of Acer, Dell and Lenovo. The AKG branding is another indication that Samsung is continuing to integrate the audio expertise of the headphone brand that's part of Harman, the company that the Korean tech giant spent big cash on last year.

Aside from the images we don't have anything in the way of specs, but it's likely it'll fall in line with other headsets we've already had our hands on. You can see from the images the now standard pair of depth-sensing cameras on the front, allowing users to have room-scale tracking without having to fill the house with sensors. While Microsoft currently refers to them as Mixed Reality headsets, based on our experiences so far it's more VR now and AR later.

The leaked pics are well timed as we do know that Microsoft is holding a special mixed reality event on 3 October in San Francisco. Microsoft's goal is to bring "powerful and affordable VR" to the masses and has partnered with Acer, Dell, Lenovo, HP and Asus so far to make that happen. Samsung could well be added to that list in the near future and it looks like we'll find out soon enough if these pics are the real deal.

Source: The Verge

Samsung could be set to join the Windows Mixed Reality headset party


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