You can now pick up the Samsung Gear S3 Classic in 24K gold

Add some karats to that rotating bezel
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Samsung's smartwatch line is about to get a fancy sibling, with plating specialist De Billas offering a 24K gold version of the Gear S3.

The company officially provides its latest smartwatch in two chunky models, the Frontier and Classic, giving users both a traditional and outdoor option for their wrist. With this addition, though, the Gear S3 could be opened up to more occasions than rugged expeditions.

The fresh Samsung watch variant also isn't as expensive as you might anticipate, being offered on Amazon for $599. The regular device, in comparison, would usually set you back $349.

This is by no means a cheap outlay, but still pales in comparison to the gold-plated options for the company's smartphones. Or some standard 24K watches, for that matter.

Amazon PA: Samsung Gear S3 - 24K gold

Of the two models, only the Classic will receive the gold treatment, though. While we're sure this will be a crushing blow to those who were looking to smarten up their hiking wristwear game, it does make sense considering how the Classic is pitched.

And though we also accept it's easy to get caught up in the fun and games of this dazzling gold bezel, there are potential warranty issues to watch out for here. With this not being an official model of the device, and De Billas not aligned with Samsung, there's no guarantee your purchase would be honoured if the worst was to happen.

Back on the official side of the fence, Samsung itself is doing its best not to let the watch get stale, too. After recently unveiling a value pack update for the Frontier and Classic, bringing improvements to S Health, Reminders and more, a new trio of watchfaces are now available.

Via: SamMobile

You can now pick up the Samsung Gear S3 Classic in 24K gold

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