Samsung working to fix Galaxy Wearable app bug

Update: It should be all fixed now
Samsung working on Galaxy Wearable app fix
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Update: According to the folks at Sammobile, Samsung has now fixed the login issue

Samsung has acknowledged a problem affecting Samsung Gear and Samsung Galaxy Watch smartwatch owners, who are trying to sign into the Galaxy Wearable companion app.

Several readers contacted Wareable after being unable to sign into the app using non-Samsung smartphones. In many instances watch owners had been met with a white screen leaving them unable to do things like sync, download apps or tinker with watch settings.

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The problem it seems had been going on for as much as four or five days for some users and now Samsung says it's looking into a fix and has now issued that fix.

We've been using the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active with a Pixel 2 XL smartphone in the UK and have been able to pair our watch with the companion app to change watch faces and download apps. So it's not affecting all non-Samsung setups it seems. But with the volume of pages dedicated to the error on Samsung's forum it's clearly been a problem for a lot of people.

With its Galaxy Fold woes and now this, it's clearly been a tough few weeks for Samsung. Thankfully it looks like it's sorted everything out so Gear and Galaxy Watch owners can get back to normality with their wearables.

Samsung is issuing a fix for its big Galaxy Wearable app sign-in problem