Big new features heading to ​Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 in Wear update

Samsung blog details new additions
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The Galaxy Watch 4 will benefit from many of the new features outlined at Google I/O – Samsung has confirmed.

As the only current smartwatch to run Google’s improved Wear OS 3.0, it’s unsurprising that it would quickly get the best features on offer.

But given the Galaxy Watch 4 has already suffered delays in receiving Wear features such as Google Assistant, it’s good to get clarity from Samsung about what users will receive.

A post by Patrick Chomet, EVP at Samsung revealed that Health Connect will roll out to the GW4. This API for fitness and health services means sharing of data between apps such as Samsung Health, and others like Fitbit and Google Fit. This would enable cross pollination of fitness data across services.

“We've been working with developers including MyFitnessPal, Leap Fitness and Withings as part of an early access program. In addition, Samsung Health, Google Fit and Fitbit are adopting Health Connect,” read a statement on the Android Developers Blog about Health Connect.

It's great that some of the biggest names will support Health Connect from the beginning, especially as Fitbit has historically been guarded about sharing data – and has never supported Apple Health.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 users will also enjoy the new and improved Google Wallet. That means storing match tickets, boarding passes, vaccine details and payment cards on the wrist.

And it seems that when Assistant does arrive on the smartwatch, it will be supercharged with new the latest features.

“This summer, I’m excited to share that Galaxy Watch4 users will be able to download Google Assistant to their device, featuring faster and more natural voice interactions, enabling quick answers and on-the-go help,” said Chomet.

That sounds as if Samsung Galaxy Watch will support the enhancements outlined at Google I/O, which means you can configure assistant to work without the 'Hey, Google' wake-word, and have it listen for common commands instead. Examples could be “turn downstairs lights on” or playing your favourite music – things you’d never just blurt out mid-conversation.

“Later this year, even more of Google apps and services will be optimized for Galaxy Watches,” Chomet continued, although specifics remain a mystery.

Of course, we’re still waiting for word on Wear OS 3.0 rolling out to existing smartwatches as promised. But at least Galaxy Watch 4 users have some clarity – ahead of the expected Galaxy Watch 5 this Fall.

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