Updated Apple Watch app unlocks August smart lock controls

Receive Apple Watch notifications from your smart lock on the fly
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August has updated its iOS app to add Apple Watch compatibility, which includes but is not limited to, unlocking your smart lock.

The new Apple Watch features allow you to view your August smart lock's most recent activity as well as getting instant notifications. As mentioned, you'll also be able to lock and unlock your August device with "just a swipe and a tap".

The update will allow you to check your smartwatch for information about when the lock was used and who did it, including manual interaction. This information can also be sent to you in the form of a notification when it happens.

Getting instant Apple Watch notifications from your lock could be great for peace of mind when on holiday or if no one's home. But for a busy family house, this feature might be better left off.

The August smart lock has had a rocky start, struggling to live up to some of its promised features as well as its Bluetooth being a tad slow. Software updates like this could make it more useful, improving security, usability and its cool factor. It's likely August's competition will adopt Apple Watch compatibility as well, not a vastly useful feature, but a nice addition.

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The August smart lock has had a price drop of $50 since its release, you can pick on up now from Amazon.

What do you think of August smart lock with Apple Watch control? Let us know in the comments or over on our Forum.

Updated Apple Watch app unlocks August smart lock controls


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