Polar's M430 running watch gets a major sleep monitoring upgrade

Sleep Plus intelligent system comes to Polar's new GPS running watch

Polar is sharing the software love by bringing its new advanced sleep monitoring features to the M430 GPS running watch.

The Sleep Plus intelligent sleep system debuted on Polar's A370 fitness tracker and now the Polar M400 successor will support the new sleep tracking feature that promises to detect sleep duration, timing and quality of sleep based on position and wrist movements.

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In the algorithm department, the M430 will use polysomonography, a reference measurement, which is the test used to assess sleep in science and medicine. The hope is that Sleep Plus will can help deliver more accurate sleep detection.

Along with improved accuracy, owners of the Polar running watch will also be given a sleep continuity score on a scale of 1-5 to indicate how continuous their sleep was. Users will also be able to rate a night's sleep the following morning.

If you need a reminder, the Polar M430 comes with GPS on board, a new six-LED optical heart rate monitor to improve HR accuracy and plenty of software improvements to deliver more reliable indoor activity tracking.

Polar has been pretty busy of late rolling out software updates to its existing wearables having successfully got Android Wear 2.0 up and running on its M600 Android Wear smartwatch along with adding swim tracking features. It's not alone on making a big push on ramping up the sleep monitoring experience either with Fitbit making big breakthroughs with sleep tracking as well.

The M430 is available to buy now priced at $229. We'll be getting our hands on one in the very near future, so keep a look out for full review.

polar m430 sleep plus support

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  • aha1·

    I have a new M430 since June 1st. I am not very convinced about Polar's new sleep tracking. The numbers are different from the old sleep tracking on the M400, ok. But: sometimes I slept well and Polar tells me that my sleep continuity score was not high, sometimes vice versa. Not very convincing. Maybe it's my problem that I make the wrong conclusions...

    And if you are using the M430 not only for training but also for activity tracking 24/7, one should know that the M430 activity percentages are not at all compatible with older Polar devices. You will reach 100 percent with an M430 with about the same activity that an M400 will track as about 60 to 70 percent. So you will reach your activity goals ridiculously easy with an M430. What’s more, the displayed amounts of activity to reach 100 percent or about 10,000 steps are completely nonsense on an M430.

    The M430 is a great sports watch to monitor training sessions with the great wrist-based HRM and a solid GPS.

    But when it comes to activity & sleep tracking, The M430 is in my point of view a bummer!

    • Sumo813·

      I am in agreement with this. I just received my M430 on Thursday, and so far, it tracked Thursday night's (Friday morning's) sleep. Last night it shows that I got 4 hours. But in the sleep tab, it isn't registering any sleep at all.

      I am not happy with the inability to change activity goals or sleep goals, and likely will be returning the M430. I had hoped this would be a better fitness tracker than the current Gear Fit2 that I have, but so far, it isn't living up to the expectation.

      I will continue to try it out for a few more days, but so far it just isn't cutting it. Maybe I'm just used to all of the amazing features in the Samsung Health app... I don't know. But I love my Polar RS400 and hoped to get something with an enhanced wrist-based HR monitoring.

      • andrw·

        Ah. So I'm not the only one who thought to forget to wear the device to sleep. There was a day the app did not register my sleep. Nonetheless, I also wear an UP3 and surprisingly, both the M430 and UP3 output roughly the same amount of sleep. The sleep graph on the Polar Flow is hideous, to say.  If DCRainmaker and the Polar team suspect an improved sleep tracking in addition to resting HR and continuous HR added onto its sleep data, then maybe we will see a slight improvement in data. However, I wouldn't focus too much on its sleep tracking given this is a GPS running watch.

        26 days in and the M430 had to be returned. 

        1. The rubber band on one of the corners was beginning to peel off from the device.

        2. The Up button was beginning to stick to the device when pressed. Perhaps poor quality control.