​New Ringly smart jewellery could go beyond notifications

Company CEO reveals new project and talks about creating 'fashion first' wearables
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Smart jewellery company Ringly may still be shipping pre-orders of its existing smart ring, but that hasn't stopped it working on a new device.

Speaking at a wearable design panel at SXSW Interactive, CEO and founder Christina Mercando revealed that she is already working on another version of her smart ring.

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"We're working on new collections as we see wearables as fashion. We have shoes for all different occasions, wearables will take the same form and you will have different ones for different activities."

Mercando wouldn't be drawn on the specifics of the new device, but revealed that the upcoming wearable could offer more than the simple notification filtering of the original Ringly.

"Right now we're focused on notifications, but we're building new features that go beyond that," she said.

"Beyond notifications wearables get really interesting, when you think about how they react with your environment and smart home devices. We're collecting a lot of data but it's not that useful. If you go to a meeting it should pull the address, or when you're bored it gives you Snapchat to look at. We need to be smarter about when we send people things, it's about context," she added.

The original Ringly is one of the best examples of smart jewellery to date, and the company has been inundated with plaudits for her company's design and stripped back feature set. Mercando revealed that it was her bullish desire to put fashion first that's enabled Ringly to become a poster-girl for smart jewellery design.

"We went fashion first – we made the rings first and worried about the tech later," Mercando said.

"People said it couldn't be done, but we pushed and pushed until everything fit. The battery and the motor are the largest parts. We call the board inside 'the burrito', we put everything on there and then folded it up."

There's no word on the specifics of the next generation Ringly as yet, but watch this space for updates.


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