Huawei Watch GT 2 gets big new feature update

New features landing ahead of rumored new devices
Huawei Watch GT 2 gets new features
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Huawei has dropped a massive update for the Watch GT 2, as it continues to support its budget smartwatch range.

The GT watch range may have been usurped by the Huawei Watch 3, but a new update is bringing a load of new features to the GT 2, according to reports by Huawei Central.

First up, the Huawei Watch GT 2 can now be locked using a passcode for added security.

And there are also a bunch of sport and running focussed improvements, too.

Pace zone support will enable runners to use the GT 2 to maintain speed more effectively, which will be a boost for training and racing.

What’s more, users can now opt to have the screen always-on when exercising, so there’s no need to raise to wake.

Huawei Watch GT 2

That will also keep workout stats visible, so you can keep an eye on progress. That will be good for people who do HIIT workouts and functional fitness, so want to keep an eye on stats, but may not be able to do a wrist-raise action when holding weights.

Outdoor sports will also show sunrise/sunset data, so you can check the light will hold until the end of your workout.

And finally, menstrual cycle tracking has been given a boost, with better options on the watch itself.

It’s a sizeable update for the GT2, and many of these features haven’t made it to the bigger, badder Watch 3 yet. However, given the close link between the features of the GT and Harmony OS, it could be set to see this update before long.

It’s a busy time for Huawei, which looks to be prepping new smartwatches after something of a quiet year.

We’ve seen rumors and speculation that the Huawei Watch D could bring blood pressure monitoring from the wrist.

And there’s also word that the GT 2 series will be revamped with a sporty twist, and we could see a launch of the Huawei Watch Fit 2.

Watch this space.