Sequent's Supercharger 2 offers infinite battery life through kinetic charging

The second iteration offers new finishes with the same self-charging smarts
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Swiss watchmaker Sequent is returning to the hybrid smartwatch game to crowdfund its new Supercharger 2.

A follow-up to the original Supercharger, which launched in 2017, the watch features an analogue face but a bevy of tracking smarts, alongside a self-charging mechanism that can help fuel potentially infinite battery life.

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The Supercharger 2's Kickstarter campaign has already more than fulfilled its goal of 49,000 Swiss francs (roughly ), so looks like it will be hitting the market in due course, with delivery estimated for January 2020.

Returning from Sequent's successful previous watch campaign is the key boast of near-unlimited battery life based on a kinetic charging system that harvests power as you move about your daily life. The new model will also bank Sequent's own "crypto coins" rewards the more you move, in case you needed more motivation.

Sequent's Supercharger 2 offers infinite battery life through kinetic charging

The watch iterates on the first model with a wider range of finishes and a less domed glass face. The face also features an analogue dial, plus a small measure to indicate your daily activity goal. However, the hybrid now boasts built-in GPS and sleep tracking, too, with the latter a new upgrade, along with automatic activity monitoring and waterproofing to depths of 50 meters.

The details of all this data will be available through a companion app, which looks like it will lay it out in digestible formats. Sequent also says this app will provide personalised training plans based on your activity levels.

Dozens of color options are available, from rose gold to sapphire blue and a particularly fetching transparent option that shows off some of the intricately arranged machinery inside the watch.

The watches are available to pre-order via Kickstarter starting from $179 for a "Sport" version, with "Premium" editions priced at $229, although there are scant details of the differences between the tiers.

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