Meet Sequent, a kinetic self-charging hybrid smartwatch

Swiss made, packed with features and eternal battery life. What's not to like?
Sequent is a self-charging smartwatch
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Swiss based startup Sequent is sticking two fingers up to rubbish smartwatch battery life with its kinetic self-charging system that means you'll never have to place its hybrid anywhere near a docking cradle or switch out a coin cell battery to keep it running. Just keep moving and it'll keep the watch powered up.

We've talked up the potential of kinetic power and a self-powered smartwatch for some time and it looks like this could actually be our first real example of the idea coming to fruition. If it really works as the team behind it claim, this could be a major step towards solving that smartwatch battery issue that has no doubt put off many from investing in a connected timepiece.

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The 46mm Sequent is more of a rival for the Nokia Steel than a full fat smartwatch like the Apple Watch, but hey, we've got to start somewhere. The hybrid is going to be available in a range of different styles with interchangeable straps and 50m waterproofing so you can take it swimming.

Meet Sequent, a kinetic hybrid smartwatch that never needs charging

Based on a traditional Swiss automatic watch movement, it promises a bucketload of fitness features including a built-in heart rate sensor, GPS tracking, step tracking along with a filtered notification system to make sure you only get nudged about the notifications you really care about. Inside of the watch face you'll find two secondary dials and these indicate your power reserve and biofeedback data. There's also a small indicator to alert you about notifications as well.

It's going to be iOS and Android friendly with a companion app Sequent is calling its Biofeedback app. Apparently it'll act like a bespoke life coach to help keep your health and fitness in check.

It looks like the Sequent is going to happen as well. It's already broken through its 80,000 Swiss Francs (roughly $80,000) goal with more than 900 backers and plenty of time left to run on the campaign.

If you want a piece of the Sequent action, a minimum pledge of 189 Swiss Francs ($195) will get you one watch at the early bird price. Prices then jump up to a hefty $438. It's expected to start shipping to backers in December 2017. This is definitely one we're going to be keeping an eye on.

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