This stylish hybrid smartwatch will give you two years of battery life

Swedish startup unveils its first connected timepiece collection
Kronaby smartwatch has mammoth battery life
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The ever-growing hybrid smartwatch scene just got a little more crowded, with Swedish newcomer Anima releasing its first product under the name Kronaby.

The four models are connected watches which, when paired with your smartphone, offer features such as filtered notifications, music control and a camera remote.

First look: Kronaby smartwatch collection review

Perhaps most impressively, though, is Anima's claim that the watch collection offer an impressive two year battery life using a standard coin cell watch battery. Yes, two actual years without having to worry about carrying around a charger.

The collection consists of four classic models with traditional dial and hands — known as the Apex, Sekel, Nord and Carat — that are all compatible with both Android and iOS.

This stylish hybrid smartwatch will give you two years of battery life

Sarandis Kalogeropulos, co-founder of Kronaby, said: "Kronaby is most importantly an authentic timepiece, and with our technology on the inside it can do more than time keeping. We want to bring back the experience of truly living in one moment, focusing on the here and now and let people experience more in life. Taking the connected watch into the future and making technology work for people."

The collection is currently available for pre-order within the EU, with retail sale set to kick off in April. Unfortunately for those in the US, Kronaby will only be available in selected retail stores throughout Europe — beginning with Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and the UK. As for how much you'll have to fork out, prices range from £315-£545 between the 24 variants.

With hybrid watches expected to make up around half of the smartwatch market in the coming years, it's no surprise to see more companies jumping aboard the bandwagon. While this first-timer is unlikely to make too much noise within the market, its long-lasting battery and stylish aesthetics could see it carve out a healthy slice.

This stylish hybrid smartwatch will give you battery of up to two years