Kronaby is rolling out more stylish hybrids with its 2018 collection

Baselworld 2018: Same smart features, new luxury looks
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Swedish startup Kronaby is swelling the hybrid smartwatch numbers by adding new models to its Apex, Sekel and Nord ranges.

The latest additions, which will be shown off at the Baselworld watch fair, retain the same smarts as the current crop, adding new looks and watch sizes to make sure there's something for everyone in the Kronaby lineup.

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There's seven new watches added to its Sekel collection with a 41mm model now added into the mix. The stainless steel option comes with a silver plated dial, a 22mm five link steel band and is water resistant up to 100 metres.

As far as the other six models, they all feature 43mm cases with a range of 20mm leather and stainless steel watch bands also available. We're big fans of the blue plated dials and hands that are now on offer too.

Kronaby's Nord range gets a new addition with a 41mm model that includes a stainless steel case, brown and silver plated hands and a 20mm brown Italian waxed suede leather strap. Last up is a new sub dial version that's been added to the Apex collection.

All of the watches feature Kronaby's connected movement tech, a vibration motor to nudge you about notifications and an accelerometer motion sensor to support activity tracking. You can expect to get around two years of hybrid time thanks to its coin cell battery.

As far as smartwatch features are concerned, the Kronaby 2018 collection can all be paired with iOS and Android phones. That brings features like automatic time zone recongition, silent alarms, filtered notifications for first and third party apps, inactivity alarms and the ability to reject calls from the watch.

You get extra functionality from the watch crown letting you view additional time zones, check in on the date and step counts as well as set up a timer. The pushers (buttons) on the side of the watch can be assigned features inside of the Kronaby companion app so you can control music and even take control of your smart home tech with IFTTT support.

Pricing for the Kronaby 2018 collection starts from £275 for the new Nord model and goes all the way up to £615 for the sub dial-packing Apex. All of the hybrids will be available to own from 13 April. We'll be getting our hands on them at Baselworld to see if they look as good in real life as they do in those pictures.

Kronaby is rolling out more stylish hybrids with its 2018 collection

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