And finally: Huawei Watch 2 coming with Tizen twist and more

A look back at the rumours and murmurs from the week in wearables
And finally: Huawei Watch 2 detailed

Another week has passed, which means there's a bunch of news that you might have missed, but still should know about.

Here at Wareable we've reported on the delay of Android Wear 2.0 (and the frustrations that come with it), the arrival of Snapchat's Spectacles, the launch of HTC Viveport, and the death of the Narrative Clip.

But what else has been going on? Here are some of the smaller and more spurious stories of the week.

Huawei giving Android Wear the boot?

Well, with Android Wear 2.0 now pushed back to early next year, you could hardly blame it. The story goes that Huawei will ditch Android Wear and instead team up with Samsung, using its Tizen operating system instead.

This would be a significant move, especially as Tizen has so far only appeared on Samsung-built devices. The word comes from Korean newspaper JoongAng Ilbo, which claims Huawei contacted Samsung due to Google not being very collaborative.

Apparently the fact it could not customise Android Wear proved a big sticking point for Huawei, which is now said to be working with Samsung on a new smartwatch. If this happens, it will be interesting to see if Huawei gets onboard with Tizen entirely, or continues to make smartwatches for Google's wearable OS alongside

PlayStation VR: What's in the box?

PS VR is just days away, and we've made all the appropriate preparations: cleared the living room, unhooked the phone, got a haircut, and asked our housemates not to talk to us until November. VR is the best.

To get us even more excited, Sony has released an unboxing video showing off exactly what you'll be getting in the package and how it all fits together. Check it out just above.

Apple Watch as a hospitality tool

A new Apple Watch app is is being aimed at restaurants, of all places, as a tool to help staff be better hosts to customers. ResyOS, created by startup Resy in partnership with restaurant group Union Square, will alert staff when someone orders wine, when diners need to collect their coats, or even when a drinks order is taking too long, among other things.

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It will first be used at the Union Square Cafe, reports Eater. An iPad in the restaurant will serve as a central hub for the devices. Could the Apple Watch have found its killer app in hospitality?

MiTac launches medical-grade ECG for your wrist

Now that heart rate monitors have become standard procedure for fitness trackers, wearable manufacturers are taking it further. We talked about the SOWATCH in our Crowdfund This roundup this week, which tracks cardiovascular health, and MiTac is doing something similar with the MiCo A100, a tracker that monitors heart rhythm and alerts the wearer to any cardiac abnormalities.

Because it can make these observations at anytime and any place, it can log data more consistently, making it easier for a doctor to analyse the information.

The device is available now but has a hefty price tag at £499. Mind you, this is less of a product for the everyday fitness fan, and more for people who serious want or need to monitor the health of their heart. You can read more here.

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