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Vinci smart headphones: Would you wear these to play music without your phone?

Is there anything this crowdfund gadget doesn't do?

The Vinci 3D Smart Headphones are currently tearing up Kickstarter and it's easy to see why. They are essentially a phone on your ears - the hefty hearable stores and plays music, has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 aptX and 3G connections (via a sim card), a voice assistant and activity tracking.

Starting at $149 Kickstarter price (down to $99 early bird), the Vinci hearable has already smashed its $50,000 Kickstarter target with 36 days left on the campaign. We imagine it will rack up more pledges quickly.

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Then again, it's not the most subtle wearable tech look. There's a 3.2-inch touchscreen on one side of the headphones which is how you can touch control what you're doing. We assume you can choose to not display what your listening to or your heart rate, say. The 'phones weigh 260g and have a battery life of 10 hours for playback.

Music-wise, Vinci will stream or play downloaded tracks from Spotify, Soundcloud and Amazon Music with 16GB storage on the standard model. AI will make suggestions on what you want to listen to and learn your behaviours. And there's also binaural 3D sound plus head tracking sensors.

If the company behind it, Inspero, can actually build all this into one wearable product for the shipping date of April 2017, you can also expect an accelerometer and gyroscope plus optical HR and even GPS. If you go for the more expensive Vinci Pro, you'll also get noise cancelling, 32GB storage and better sound quality - the retail price will be $299 but you can get a pair for $189 now.

Now, usually we'd be skeptical but fellow tech journos have tried out the device and confirm it's legit plus Inspero has been holding demo days. This pair of do-it-all cans certainly won't be for everyone (we don't think this is where hearable design is heading), but it's worth a $99 punt on features alone.

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  • yogibimbi says:


  • JohnW says:

    Looks cool that you can listen to music without carrying a phone. Alexa integration? I believe this is the first time that Alexa is brought to a headphone. 

  • JohnW says:

    I like the idea of carrying music in a local storage of a headphone with no need to look at my phone anymore. Plus you can interact with the headphone all through touch, gesture and voice control. Seems a pretty smart move to me.

    • December says:

      agree with you. 

  • Hsu says:

    wow new chic...The screen art looks cool!! Am getting one of those.

  • Zhipeng says:

    vinci smart headphones is very nice.

  • December says:

    Just checked Vinci's KS page. Seems it's doing a very good job! I like the idea that it's standalone with large local storage room. I sometimes just do NOT want to bring my phone with me. Well. I hope Inspero can introduce some lighter headphones better for outdoor sports soon. Will keep an eye on this company.

  • laurencelaw says:

    Seems pretty cool to me. I love how it looks on the outside and it can really grab someone's attention i guess. As for its future, it's quite bold and ambitious I can tell. Still, a long way ahead. Let's see what it can do when I get one..

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