Movano Evie smart ring launches in September for $269

With no monthly subscription required, the upcoming device undercuts Oura
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Movano Health has announced the Evie smart ring will go on sale in September for $269, with the device set to undercut rival Oura by foregoing a monthly subscription.

The smart ring was first teased last year before we got our first real look at the design and potential features at CES 2023 in January, with the release date and price confirmation coming as part of the company's Q1 report.

> Evie Ring: Features, specs and release info

The Evie Ring is specifically designed for women, as CEO John Mastrototaro explained to Wareable last year, and offers the likes of heart rate tracking and blood oxygen saturation estimates, with skin temperature variability, period and ovulation tracking, menstrual symptom tracking and more also set to feature.

At present, the Evie Ring doesn't officially qualify as a medical-grade device by the FDA's standards, which means it may launch with the tag of being purely a wellness device, though Movano indicates it will submit plans in June for full approval.

If the ring does receive approval for use as a medical device, it would give it further separation from the Oura Ring Gen 3, which is instead designed for use as a sleep, wellness, and fitness tracker.

Movano's price tag of $269 is also significant, as we mentioned up top. 

Currently, the cheapest Oura Ring Gen 3 is the Heritage edition, available for $299. However, the required monthly $5.99 / €5.99 subscription also means it becomes a much more expensive product over time. 

So far, Oura has managed to deliver a platform and ring that has proven worthy of the outlay, but it does appear that strong and affordable competition is on the horizon. 

Whether the Evie Ring can live up to the hype remains to be seen, but we'll be testing it in September in order to find out. Stay tuned for more.

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