​How to connect and sync Garmin and Strava workouts

Get the best of both worlds and maximise every workout
​How to connect Garmin and Strava
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When it comes to running watches, Garmin makes some of the best in the business – but when you link Garmin Connect to Strava, things get really fun.

Garmin Connect isn't nearly as fun or motivating as Strava - however, luckily, you don't have to choose one or the other. Connecting your two accounts means you can get the best of both worlds: Garmin Connect's insights and workout history and Strava's impressive Segments, leaderboards and social features, which bring runs and cycles to life.

How does it work?

If you've connected the two accounts, you just head out with your Garmin sports watch and then sync it afterwards as usual. Once the data is loaded into the Garmin app, it will appear in your Strava account – just like you were using the app natively.

Why connect Garmin and Strava?

Garmin is now the most detailed companion app out there, with even more metrics. You'll get your pace, distance, maps, elevation, and most modern Garmin devices will offer VO2 Max, recovery data and even stats like vertical oscillation. That stuff is unique to Garmin Connect.

What can Strava add to your Garmin data?

However, Strava offers its own unique data. The main difference is Strava Segments, which works out where you run and how you've performed within pre-defined areas called Segments. It tracks you against anyone that's ever run/cycled that segment, but also tracks your improvement over time.

Strava also remembers your routes, so, if you're used to running similar routes (which is pretty much all of us), it will plot your improvements, which makes it a powerful tool.

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Strava also has some paid-for tiers which can offer insights and guides training - and advanced metrics like Suffer Score, which can evaluate the effectiveness of your workouts. We've pulled together a guide to help you, so follow the steps below, and then head out and get sweaty.

How to connect Strava to Garmin Connect

How to connect Strava to Garmin Connect

1. Ensure that Garmin Connect and the Strava apps are installed on your smartphone.

2. Head to the Garmin Connect app on your phone.

3. Hit the Menu button and choose Settings > 3rd Party Apps.

4. Choose Strava from the list and then press Get Started. You'll be asked to log into Strava. When that's done, your accounts will be linked.

How to connect Strava to Garmin Connect web dashboard

Strava to Garmin Connect web dashboard

If you own an older Garmin that doesn't sync with a smartphone, or you like to work using web apps, you can also pair Strava and Garmin together via the browser dashboards.

1. First you'll need to get Garmin Express to sync your device with your PC/Mac and have a Garmin Connect account. Likewise, you'll need a Strava account, too.

2. Head to strava.com/upload/device.

3. Under Garmin click Get Started.

4. Enter your Garmin Connect log-in details to authorise a link to Strava.

5. And that's your lot. Which app do you prefer to peruse post-workout? Let us know in the comments below.