Garmin Forerunner 945 gets key features from the Forerunner 955

Garmin Forerunner 945 set for new features
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Garmin is preparing to bring Training Readiness, HRV Status, Morning Report and the Race Widget to the Forerunner 945 LTE - features that all debuted on the latest generation, the Forerunner 955.

Per Garmin's own release notes, the new features are set to land in a beta version of the update initially, with a wider rollout planned if no issues arise.

And it's a really sizeable upgrade - one which leaves no major reason to upgrade from the 945 LTE to the 955, other than the multi-band GPS support.

For the uninitiated, Training Readiness is Garmin's latest amalgamation feature, taking your sleep, estimated recovery time, HRV Status, acute load, sleep history and stress history to give you a 1-100 figure on how prepared your body is for a workout.

HRV Status, meanwhile, after a few weeks of gathering baseline data, will provide daily readings on heart rate variability and put this within the context of being balanced or unbalanced, providing an indication of how your body is reacting to your current load.

These two features are the most significant, we'd say, but there's a ton more set to land in version 7.07.

Morning Report and the Race Widget, which we mentioned up top, are both nice, glanceable summaries of your key metrics and race details, respectively, and they're joined by upgrades to existing features.

Training Status 2.0, Daily Suggested Workouts 2.0, Running Power, Fitness Age, Workout Execution Score and more will also be arriving.

To receive the new features early via the beta program, you're able to sign up via Garmin Connect. Otherwise, you'll be waiting for version 7.07 to get the full rollout, which could take at least another few weeks.

All in all, though, that wait is a small price to pay for a boatload of really useful upgrades. And while it's also not unexpected to see Garmin support older devices with its latest features, it's still always refreshing to see.

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