Withings Go: Your guide to the new E Ink fitness tracker

Withings latest stylish tracker aims for the budget conscious
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The Withings Go went live at CES 2016; the French company's response to the likes of the Misfit Flash and the Jawbone UP Move.

However, unlike its lower-priced rivals, the Go does boast a display - a neat looking E Ink one that is always on.

Read on for the full lowdown on the all-new Withings Go. We'll publish a full review as soon as we've been able to fully test one.

Withings Go: Display

Withings Go: Your guide to the new E Ink fitness tracker

The Withings Go doesn't boast the first E Ink display that we've seen on a fitness tracker - that honour belongs to the Sony SmartBand Talk.

However, unlike Sony's effort, Withings has the budget end of the activity monitoring market in its sights - the Withings Go will cost less than when it goes on sale.

A user's progress to their daily goal is displayed using 88 segments on the E Ink display, with the middle icon switching from a stick person to a star once an objective is hit. The display can also be configured to display a snazzy analogue watch face by simply tapping it.

Withings Go: Where can you wear it?

Like the UP Move and Misfit's range of trackers, the Go is designed to be worn in multiple positions - on the wrist, clipped to a belt, attached to a sports bra and so on.

Withings Go: Your guide to the new E Ink fitness tracker

Withings Go: Activity tracking

The Withings Go also does the usual fitness tracking things of counting steps, estimating distances covered, monitoring calorie burn and recording stages of sleep. It also promises automatic activity tracking for things like running and swimming, although we'll reserve judgement on its ability to do this until we've had time to fully test the new device.

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The daily objective, and a user's stats, are displayed and configured using Withings' Health Mate app - the same app that Activité and Pulse users already use.

That also means tapping into Withings' huge range of fitness partners such as MyFitnessPal, Nike+ and RunKeeper.

Withings Go: Hardware and battery life

Withings Go: Your guide to the new E Ink fitness tracker

No charging is required at all - the low energy device will last for 8 months on a regular coin battery, so you'll simply have to replace this every now and then.

As mentioned, it's swim compatible - the Withings Go is certified 5 ATM waterproof.

Withings Go: Price and release date

The Withings Go is due to hit shops in the first quarter of the year, costing .

It comes in five colours - black, blue, green, red and yellow.

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