Wareable picks: Fitness tracker of the year 2015

The deliberating is done and the top activity tracker has been chosen
Fitness tracker of the year 2015

Activity bands are the biggest selling wearables in the world right now and Wareable's servers have been stretched to the limits in the last 12 months with people searching for the best fitness tracker.

There are a host of hot fitness trackers destined to land in early 2016 but which have been the best of 2015?

The Wareable team have been fighting over which is their favourite of the year, and you can see the chosen trackers below.

James Stables: Jawbone UP2

The fitness tracker market has slowed substantially this year – not in demand, that's still through the roof – but the flagship devices haven't changed for much of the year. That's why I've ignored them completely.

The Jawbone UP2 keeps things simple. Nearly identical to the ever popular UP24 from 2012, it's good looking, accurate and doesn't claim to do too much. It may not deserve our top accolade for the year in terms of innovation, but I find myself recommending it to people again and again.

Paul Lamkin: Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart

While the fitness band genre, powered by Jawbone and Fitbit, evolved in 2015 – adding the likes heart rate monitoring, GPS connectivity and elevation tracking to the mix – Mondaine's effort wins out for me by keeping things simple. If you want everyday activity tracking from a great looking device, look no further.

When it comes to design chops, Mondaine watches rule. It has got the whole Swiss railway design going on, which is like having your tracker endorsed by time itself. Mondaine could have fallen flat on its face if the fitness tracking aspects weren't up to scratch but it avoided that embarrassment by enlisting the Silicon Valley experts. And that MotionX tech packed inside hasn't affected the inherent wearability of the watch; it's gorgeous.

Michael Sawh: Fossil Q Reveler

My first choice was the UP2, but in the spirit of mixing things up I'm going to go for the Reveler. The idea of companies like Fossil getting involved with wearables really excites me. That's because on the whole, most fitness trackers are just plain ugly and it's time for a change.

The Reveler doesn't do anything spectacular or cutting edge mind you. It keeps its tracking abilities simple, which for most people it's fine. It could benefit from something more on the motivational side and it definitely has some Android syncing issues. For something that fits a lot nicer with a smart shirt, I really liked wearing it and the data was just enough to keep me wanting to take a few more steps towards my daily goal.

Sophie Charara: Misfit Shine 2

I'm sticking with the theme that simple can be useful. Yes some of the biggest sellers this year have heart rate tracking. But the biggest problem facing most people buying trackers, instead of say, a running watch, is that they want to move more, exercise more, lounge around less.

Misfit's latest flagship tracker looks great, especially in rose gold – I can't wait to see more accessories for this one – and that means it's lovely to wear. With accurate step tracking and (slightly less) accurate sleep tracking, it also vibrates when you get an alert and still lasts up to six months. So it also kills the need for a piece of simple alert handling smart jewellery which would only last three days between charges. And it's Link compatible so can be used as a smart button for music, smart bulbs and more at home. Simple at showing your progress, a neat all-round wearable is you want more.

Winner: Jawbone UP2

Jawbone wins out, although the simple success of the UP2 doesn't really tell the full story. At the start of 2015 we all had high hopes for the flagship UP3. But, while it was vastly improved with a software update soon after launch, it's still not the game changer it promised to be. Let's hope Jawbone has a lot more up its sleeve for 2016.


  • belfastbiker says:

    wow... Whos in charge there??

    2 devices without a display, one of which wins.  The other two devices I've barely heard of.


  • GetWellable says:

    What would be the response to the question for why all of these devices have so little market share?  Are consumers not recognizing their value?  According to the latest IDC report, none of these manufacturers broke into the top 5. http://blog.wellable.co/2015/12/07/q3-wearable-shipments-fitbit-24-apple-20-and-xiaomi-17-lead-pack/

  • BlueSky says:

    No Polar products? To specialised?

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