​Timex Metropolitan+ is a gorgeous analogue fitness tracker

Another analogue fitness tracker with bags of style
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Analogue watches with added smarts are all the rage in 2015, and Timex has just taken the wrappers off another dubbed the Metropolitan+.

Teased at a Qualcomm Summit in Hong Kong, the Metropolitan+ boasts a stylish watch face, a classy looking metal case and a leather strap held in place by a couple of chunky lugs. It hardly looks like it's aimed at women, but who knows what will materialise by the time it comes to market.

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That's all the information we've been treated to right now, but Engadget has reported that Timex labeled the Metropolitan+ as a 2015 product, so we shouldn't have too long to wait.

Timex's smart offerings have so far been aimed at hardcore multi-sports fans, and it released the Timex Ironman One+ earlier this year.

But Timex isn't not alone in pursuing analogue trackers. In the last few weeks alone we've seen similar products released, including the Runtastic Moment, Cogito, Sony WENA and BOLDR Voyage .

It shows the hunger among consumers for stylish wearable products, and more companies are looking to follow the trend started by the Withings Activité in 2014 and continued by Mondaine this year.

And it could lead to a bigger split between dumb devices with hidden smarts and the Android Wear and Apple superwatches that are set to be the hottest tech this Christmas.

Image credit: Engadget

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