Pear 2.0 elite training advice to turn you into a pro

Over 500 programs tailored just for you with VO2 training app
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Pear Sports has released an updated version of its fitness tracking app, now with a fitness score based on VO2 Max.

The score will work in conjunction with over 50 fitness experts, athletes and coaches to create custom training programs, delivering real-time coaching, specific to the goals and performance levels of the user.

The Pear 2.0 app now works with several partner devices such as Mio, Wahoo, Polar and Tom Tom. Using a variety of different measurements, the app aims to provide bespoke workouts based on activity level, interests, biometrics, current locations and preferred training methods.

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With help from the Wahoo Tickr X, you can be coached through squats, push-ups, crunches and other your favourite torturous strength exercises. The Pear platform will also assist with other sports such as running, yoga, cycling, paddle boarding and anything else you could think of.

"Over the past year, the original Pear app has undergone an extensive transformation," said co-founder of Pear Sports, Bob Alison, "Pear 2.0's game-changing technology aims to help both people who are just beginning their fitness journeys and athletes."

With its use of VO2 max-based fitness scores, expert coaches and bespoke training programs, the Pear 2.0 app is set to be a useful companion for anyone serious about training but expanding its tracker compatibility will be the key to it becoming an essential part of your workout.

Pear 2.0 is available now on Android and iOS. It's free but there are in-app purchases.

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