Socialite smart jewellery blends precious metals with safety and fitness features

This new range of smart bracelets is up for pre-order now
Socialite blends fashion and fitness
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Most smart jewellery focuses on doing one thing and one thing well, whether that's fitness tracking for the Misfit Shine or alerts for Ringly. Socialite, a new line of connected bracelets from wearable tech startup WiseWear, wants to do it all. And do it in style.

The collection, which is now up for pre-order, consists of three styles - the Calder, the Duchess and the Kingston.

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Each piece is made from brass and then plated in either 18-karat gold or rhodium. No matter which style or material you choose, everything is priced at $299.95.

Socialite's tagline is beauty + brain and WiseWear points out that not only do the chunky bracelets look good - we're a fan of the elegant Calder style in particular - they are also durable and water resistant.

As for it they can do, the smart jewellery handles smartphone notifications in the form of vibrations for calls, texts, emails and calendar reminders; activity tracking (steps, calories burned, distance, sleep, active minutes) as well as a one-tap distress signal.

Tapping the bracelet in a sticky situation sends your location and a sound/video recording (triggered on your smartphone) to a pre-approved list of emergency contacts. It's a neat safety feature which will appeal to women already interested in the more standard set of alerts and tracking functions.

Socialite is compatible with both iOS and Android phones and pre-orders are expected to ship this autumn.

WiseWear founder and CEO Gerald Wilmink, who has previous form as an adviser to VC firms and the US Department of Defence, said that his company's innovations include ensuring that the radio frequencies can travel through metal.

"The Socialite collection is truly the first of its kind to fuse fashion, form, and function altogether into one sophisticated accessory," he said. "We hope to empower women to monitor their health and safety without sacrificing style."

As stated, you can pre-order now directly from WiseWear.