​Jaybird Reign tracker to launch 1 November

New activity tracker knows when you should exercise
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The Jaybird Reign could launch in the US next month, offering a host of unique features on top of the standard activity tracking faire.

The company boasts that its band is capable of more than just step counting, and uses a host of sensors to learn about your body. It then uses the data to suggest when you’re primed for exercise and motivates you to get those trainers on and get out of the door.

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The band itself comes in two parts and snaps together magnetically. The design resembles a smart bangle rather than a watch, and while it’s chunkier than the likes of the Jawbone UP24, it still looks good – especially in black. Jaybird says it will have eight different size options, which means people should be able to find the right fit.

In terms of sensing there’s heart rate monitoring and motion sensing, and it’s the former sensor that the device uses to estimate when you’re at your peak for exercise, which is a unique feature called “Go-Zone”.

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The use of heart rate monitoring will put the Jaybird head-to-head with the newly announced Basis Peak, which uses some nifty tech to overcome the problems with reliable heart rate monitoring. If Jaybird can manage accurate heart tracking from the wrist, Go-Zone could be a great tool for runners looking to get more from their bodies.

The Jaybird Reign is also capable of tracking walking, cycling and swimming as well as running.

You can pick the Jaybird Reign up on 1 November in the US for $199.

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