​New Fitbit Charge to feature heart rate monitor

Two new bands incoming from fitness tracker expert
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A brand new Fitbit Charge activity tracker has surfaced on the web with a host of new features, and it seems the Californian company could be about to launch two new wearables.

The devices were spotted at the FCC, the regulatory office that signs off new tech, and appear to be an update to the Fitbit Force, the band that was pulled from the shelves due to skin irritation issues back in February.

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The new Fitbit Charge appears with a standard model and an upgraded heart rate monitoring version. This would be a brand new feature for Fitbit, and echoes other manufacturers moves to master continuous heart rate monitoring from the wrist – which would spell the end of the chest strap.


Continuous heart rate monitoring can give a real boost to the accuracy of stats, and make them a vastly improved tool for sporty types who want maximum information from their workouts.

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There’s a built-in display visible in the shots that show your stats, time, or caller ID when paired with your phone. There’s also the same full sleep tracking and smart alarm features we’ve come to expect from Fitbit.

There are no clues on prices or release dates from the leaked documents, but we’d be surprised if we didn’t see them for Christmas, especially when Fitbit will be going up against the cut-price Misfit Flash.

Source: Gizmodo

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