Huawei's ultra affordable Band 3e fitness tracker arrives in the US

Huawei's not done with fitness trackers
Huawei's affordable Band 3e comes to the US
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When Huawei unveiled the Watch GT and Band 3 Pro not long ago, it also unveiled a third wearable - an ultra affordable fitness tracker called the Band 3e.

It turns out that it will be accompanying the Watch GT and Band 3 Pro to the US, and is available now for $29.99. The fitness tracker may be called a band, but it's more fitness module than fitness band.

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That's because it's actually a tiny fitness tracker that doesn't just sit on your wrist. The main module, which houses a 0.5-inch PMOLED display, pops out of the wrist band and attaches to a clip that you can put on your shoe. Huawei says this makes it a "dual-mode" fitness tracker that will get you better running metrics.

Huawei's also added a feature called "Professional Running Coach" that can help you become a better runner. Because it's on your foot, the accelerometers and software are used to hone in on how you run.

So you'll be able to see your step length, swing angle, cadence, the impact you make when your foot hits the ground, how long your foot stays on the ground, and the pattern your foot hits the ground at. There's also a metric called "eversion excursion", which seems to tell you whether you wobble when you run.

As for for the rest of the fitness tracking, it does all the basics. You'll get fitness tracking, sleep tracking and notifications. It's also got 5ATM waterproofing so that you can track your swims. Then there's battery life. You're going to get 14 days of use and 21 days of standby time on a full charge.

The 3e got buried by the more exciting Watch GT and Band 3 Pro, but it looks like it's a unique and interesting enough fitness tracker at an impulse-buy worthy price point. The dual mode, for one, looks like it could be a boon for those who are into running. Of course, we'll have to get our hands on it to see if it works as well as it looks.

Huawei's ultra affordable Band 3e fitness tracker is now in the US