The Huawei Watch GT is bringing its two-week battery life to the US

Huawei's big smartwatch change is making its way to the US
The Huawei Watch GT is coming to America

Huawei's latest smartwatch was a massive change from the Watch 2, ditching Google's Wear OS in favor of its own proprietary software, LiteOS, helping increase the battery life to a whopping two weeks.

The Watch GT went on sale in the UK last year, but now Huawei has announced it'll make its way to the US on 19 February. It's currently available for pre-order on both Amazon and Newegg, with additional retailers following later.

The Graphite Black with a silicone strap will go for $199.99 while the Saddle Brown with a leather strap will go for $229.99. That's in line with the UK pricing, and it's not going to break the bank.

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The Watch GT comes with a built-in 420mAh battery, which should give users up to 30 days of life in watch mode (turning GPS, heart rate monitoring, messages and calls off), two weeks in normal mode (a total of 90 minutes heart rate tracking) and 22 hours of continuous use including GPS tracking.

In terms of the design, Huawei says the GT's stainless steel case will sit at 10.6mm thick and 46.5mm wide, with the AMOLED screen measuring in at 1.39-inch and pumping out 454 x 454 pixel resolution. To put that size in context, the bigger Samsung Galaxy Watch is also 46mm, while the larger Apple Watch is 44mm.

Huawei Watch GT boasts two-week battery life and serious sports smarts

Something that does remain consistent with the previous generation, though, is the emphasis on sports tracking. As we've already alluded to, GPS and a heart rate monitor are on board, as well as an ambient light and air-pressure sensor, and they all help prop up a horde of exercise modes, including running, cycling, swimming (thanks to a 5 ATM water rating), hiking and walking.

Sleep tracking is also available through the GT, and has been developed in conjunction with Harvard Medical School, with Health Assistant taking this and other data to tell you when you're at your peak condition.

Of course, the smartwatch is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, with all data logged through the Huawei Health app.

Huawei Watch GT could boast two week battery life and serious sport smarts

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  • Pw1·

    Why don't companies get it , majority don't want chunky smartwatches we want a classic 42mm to 44mm max .

    • yogibimbi·

      Oh, clunky is definitely fine by me. I have years and years being conditioned by G-Shocks, Suunto Core and now Nixon's The Mission. What I am missing is no mention of LTE, and does "swimproof" mean 3 ATM? Because no IP-rating is swimproof.

    • DCRunner·

      I don't think you get it. Sports and health nuts want rugged, LONG battery life and full sport/sleep tracking.

      LTE would be a huge bonus. The thing I don't see on here is Music, which is the no go for me.

  • Gadgety·

    Oddly, Huawei got the looks right with the first generation. From then on it's been all downhill in that department. As for the tech the numbers seem very similar to the data presented by Qualcomm on the 3100 with co-processor.

  • yogibimbi·


    How many ATM does swimproof mean? Looks like the new standard is at least 3 ATM.

    • DCRunner·

      5ATM. Checked

  • DCRunner·

    This looks awesome and i'm seriously thinking of giving my Apple Watch 4 to my daughter. I'm all about this tough look and LONG battery life. Apple's battery life SUCKS.

  • paulrousseau·

    Can you please be clear when writing about smartwatches whether or not they are capable to make and receive phone calls. This is an essential functionality for me and many of your readers. It allows to pick up when receiving a phone call right from your watch and have the phone call via the watch. This does not mean that the watch needs to have an LTE functionality as it can be done over Bluetooth (and I think wifi for the Apple Watch). This comes in handy when your smartphone is somewhere else in the house for example. Or in case of elderly people, being able to initiate a call from the watch could be a life saver. Watches like the Apple watch and the Samsung Galaxy watch have this functionality.

    So does this watch supports making and receiving calls?